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For desktop, web, and mobile platforms, we offer a variety of solutions and services.

UI/UX Design & Graphic Design

Streamlining business challenges by strategically crafting visually captivating graphics and UI/UX designs tailored to meet the specific requirements of the business, resonating deeply with the intended user base.



UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design for Mobile Applications & Website

UI Design

UX Design


User Flows





Graphics Design

Graphics Design for Logo, Banner, Visitng Card, Brochure


Logo Design

Icon Design

Mobile App Development & Design

We design and develop a reliable and efficient mobile application that meets your requirements.


Our extensive digital solutions enable us to serve a wide range of industry niches

  • Digital Payment Systems
  • Custom Digital Banking Solutions
  • Wealth/Finance Management Solutions
  • Mobile Payment App Development
  • Insurance App Development
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Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Payment Systems
  • Custom Digital Banking Solutions
  • Wealth/Finance Management Solutions
  • Mobile Payment App Development
  • Insurance App Development
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Generative AI
  • Digital Payment Systems
  • Custom Digital Banking Solutions
  • Wealth/Finance Management Solutions
  • Mobile Payment App Development
  • Insurance App Development
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ChatGPT App Development
  • Digital Payment Systems
  • Custom Digital Banking Solutions
  • Wealth/Finance Management Solutions
  • Mobile Payment App Development
  • Insurance App Development
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  • Digital Payment Systems
  • Custom Digital Banking Solutions
  • Wealth/Finance Management Solutions
  • Mobile Payment App Development
  • Insurance App Development
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IT Staff Augmentation
  • Frontend Developers
  • Backend Developers
  • Wealth/Finance Management Solutions
  • Project Manager
  • Business Analysts
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Cloud Developers
  • QA & Test automation engineers
  • AI/ML Engineers
  • Deep Learning Engineers
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Quality Assurance & Testing

Discovery & Consulting

We specialize in providing comprehensive Discovery & Consulting services for mobile app and web development projects. Our team collaborates closely with clients to understand their unique business goals and challenges. Through in-depth research and analysis, we identify opportunities, define project requirements, and develop a strategic roadmap.
Our expert consultants offer valuable insights and recommendations, ensuring that the resulting mobile apps and websites are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients and their target audience. We combine cutting-edge technologies, user-centered design principles, and industry best practices to deliver high-quality solutions.

Whether it's ideation, market research, competitor analysis, or feasibility studies, our Discovery & Consulting services enable businesses to make informed decisions and lay a strong foundation for successful mobile app and web development projects. With a focus on innovation, usability, and scalability, we help our clients unlock their digital potential and achieve their business objectives.

Business Model

Agile Development Process

With our Agile development process, we break down projects into smaller iterations or sprints, typically lasting 1-4 weeks. This allows for regular delivery of working software increments, promoting faster feedback cycles and enabling us to adapt to changing requirements and priorities.

Our cross-functional teams, consisting of skilled professionals from various disciplines, collaborate closely throughout the development process. This ensures efficient problem-solving and promotes effective communication and knowledge sharing.

Our Agile development process embraces change, recognizing that requirements and priorities may evolve over time. We remain flexible and responsive, adapting our plans and approaches to accommodate shifting circumstances and emerging insights.

At the end of each iteration, we conduct retrospective meetings to reflect on our process and identify areas for improvement. We are committed to continuous learning and enhancement, leveraging feedback and insights to refine our practices and deliver even better results in subsequent iterations.

Fix Scope model

In the Fix Scope model, we work closely with our clients to establish a clear understanding of the project's requirements, goals, and deliverables from the beginning. The scope of work is precisely defined and agreed upon, outlining the specific features, functionalities, and project timeline.

By adopting the Fix Scope model, we provide clients with a detailed project plan, including milestones, deadlines, and deliverables. This approach offers a higher level of predictability and certainty, as the scope remains fixed throughout the development process.

Our team of experienced professionals ensures that the agreed-upon scope is meticulously followed, minimizing the risk of scope creep and unexpected changes that can impact project timelines and budgets.

With the Fix Scope model, clients have a comprehensive understanding of the project's cost, timeline, and end results right from the start. This allows for better budgeting, planning, and resource allocation.

Hire Team / Remote work

The Extended Team model allows the client to remotely manage the entire development team. It is a cost-efficient option since the team is hired remotely and doesn't require any infrastructure investments. Despite this, the client can still exercise control and coordination with the team. An advantage of this model is that the client can hire the team on a contractual basis only after conducting due diligence, and can release them upon completion of the project or modules.

By opting for our remote team for mobile app and web development, you can leverage global talent, reduce costs, and enjoy a streamlined and effective development process.


Ideal for those who often require developers on an urgent basis, but not every month.

40 - 80 Hours per Month


The perfect solution for businesses that require developers every month.

Managed via project manager

160 hours per month

Fixed Price Model

Perfect for hiring developers for a specific project.

SMT Hiring
SMT Hiring
SMT Hiring
SMT Hiring

Work Process

Intro Call

As part of our work process, we prioritize conducting an introductory call with our clients. This call serves as an opportunity to establish a direct line of communication and facilitate a clear understanding of the project's objectives, scope, and expectations.

During the Intro Call, our team takes the time to actively listen to our clients, allowing us to gain valuable insights into their business goals and specific project requirements. We encourage open dialogue and provide an opportunity for clients to ask questions, share their vision, and discuss any concerns or preferences they may have.

The Intro Call serves as a foundation for building a strong working relationship. It enables us to align our expertise and capabilities with the client's needs, ensuring that we are well-prepared to deliver optimal solutions.

Timeframe: 1 Hour

Deliverable: NDA, Consultation

Who Involved: Business Developer, Technical advisor, Project manager

  • Skype
  • Google Meet
  • Zoom

Discovery Phase

Discover and Analyze: Unveiling Possibilities for Success

At SMT Labs, our work process begins with a crucial phase: Discovery & Analysis. This stage serves as the foundation for every successful project we undertake.

By investing time and effort into the Discovery & Analysis phase, we lay the groundwork for a successful collaboration. It allows us to understand your vision, define a clear direction, and uncover opportunities for innovation. With this solid foundation, we embark on the development process, creating web solutions that not only meet your needs but also exceed your expectations.

Timeframe: Up to 3 days

Deliverable: Project proposal

Who Involved: Business analyst

Design Phase

Low-fidelity prototype

Based on gathered data and driven by the iterative development model, we identify the feature flow and prepare the wireframes along with a low-fidelity mobile app prototype.

Feature-based estimation

It’s crucial to evaluate the entire project and provide you with a clear vision of how much time and money the development process might take. That said, we use a feature decomposition to split the functionality into small parts, which can then be analyzed by our technical experts.

Timeframe: 1 month

Deliverable: Feature-based estimation, Contract for development, Feature-decomposition, Graphic project in Figma

Who Involved: Business Developer, Designer, Project manager, Technical advisor

Development Phase

It’s time to establish a development environment, define the application architecture, make a roadmap and choose the right candidates to set up a team that fits your company’s requirements and vision.

Project management

We involve experienced project managers to take care of every step and the entire technological process, so you can pay maximum attention to your strategic and business goals. Based on years of practice, we’ve come up with a robust and well-established workflow, which proved to be highly effective and client-oriented.

Timeframe: Based on project

Deliverable: Environment setup, Staging and production servers, Intermediate releases, Weekly reports

Who Involved: Business Developer, Development team, Project manager, QA team, DevOps

Product Launch

Unleash Success with an Exceptional Product Launch

With our comprehensive approach to product launches, we ensure that your product receives the attention and recognition it deserves. Our strategic planning, compelling messaging, creative assets, and targeted campaigns work together seamlessly to create a powerful launch experience. Trust SMT Labs to help you unleash success and make a lasting impact in the market with your product launch.

We believe it’s better to double-check everything from scratch, so we go through the pre-launch checklist to ensure the application is fully-functioning and ready for deployment.

Then we submit and upload your product to the AppStore or Google Play.

Timeframe: About a week

Deliverable: Final release

Who Involved: Business analyst, Project manager, Designer, DevOps


Continued Support for Your Success Post-Launch

At SMT Labs, we believe that our commitment to your success doesn't end with the product launch. We offer comprehensive support services to ensure that your digital solution continues to perform optimally and evolve with your changing needs.

With our post-launch support services, you can have peace of mind knowing that our dedicated team is by your side to support and enhance your digital solution. We are committed to your long-term success, and our support services are designed to ensure that your product continues to deliver value and exceed expectations.

We care deeply about our customers and the solutions we develop, so we provide continuous maintenance and support to our clients, as well as assign a dedicated developer to a project to fix any possible bugs and respond to inquiries.

Timeframe: About a week

Deliverable: Fixes and improvements

Who Involved: Business analyst, Project manager, Designer, DevOps



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