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Lash Traders is the official platform to buy & sell Lash Supplies


LashTraders enables you to shop for Lashes and various beauty supplies from the comfort of your mobile device. You can also sell and trade products online.

Shauna and Mike created LashTraders after several successful ventures in the beauty industry. Their vision is to bring their best expertise to you to promote your products and scale your business.

Buy Lashes
Trade various beauty products
Sell Lashes


As the app solution focuses on simple navigation and better user experience, it took four important step process to complete the design with user acceptance testing. Starting with extensive user and market research to come up with the app design concept, wireframing it to get a clear view of the app navigation, and using that concept to create a visual design for the final development. At last, testing the app design and build to finally launch the initial app version.

user research
visual design

work process

  • user research
  • wireframing
  • visual design
  • testing

discovery & research

Given the intricate and distinctive nature of the project and the objective of providing an excellent user experience, thorough research was imperative. This research endeavor enabled us to formulate a strategic roadmap for the efficient design and development of the Lash Traders app. The primary goal was to align with the business objectives and exceed the expectations of end-users in the context of buying and selling Lash Supplies.

main goals

The primary objective of the Lash Traders app is to act as an online marketplace where customers can easily browse and purchase top-notch beauty products, with a specific emphasis on lash supplies. The app strives to deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience, enabling customers to effortlessly explore a diverse array of lash products, make well-informed buying choices, and smoothly finalize their orders. The ultimate aim is to meet the requirements and fulfill the expectations of lash professionals and enthusiasts by equipping them with the essential tools and products to elevate their skills and expertise in the field.

app purpose

Shauna and Mike created LashTraders after several successful ventures in the beauty industry. Their vision is to bring their best expertise to users to promote their products and scale their business.

  • A dedicated marketplace for all things lashes!
  • Personalized Feed: The feed is customized to each user's individual preferences and behavior, showing them items that are relevant to their interests and browsing history.
  • Seller Showcases: The home screen features seller showcases, highlighting items from popular and recommended sellers, and providing an additional way for users to discover new products.
  • Trending Items: The home screen also showcases trending items and popular categories, allowing users to discover new and popular products.

ux and design elements

font Josefin Sans

  • Regular
  • medium
  • semibold
  • bold

We used Josefin Sans font family - slightly rounded and low in contrast, emphasizing the mobile app text readability and eye-catchiness.


After trying out lots of logo design variations by keeping the LASH TRADERS logo simplicity in mind, finally, we came up with this logo that meets the app development concept and brand identity.

graph logo
Lash Trader logo
Lash trader


Seeing the project complexity and giving a user-friendly touch in terms of design and navigation, this Lash Traders app development project is done by following the ideal app development best practices and in a respective timeline.

Lash trader


Lash Traders offers a user-friendly and comprehensive platform for eyelash extension professionals and businesses, with a focus on providing high-quality products, resources, and support.



Lash Traders allows buyers and sellers to interact with each other to buy and sell goods or services.

  • Product listings
  • Messaging between buyers and sellers
  • Payment processing
  • Order management



The feed is customized to each user's individual preferences and behavior, showing them items that are relevant to their interests and browsing history.

  • Followed Users: The feed also shows items posted by users that the user is following, allowing them to keep up with their favorite sellers and brands.
  • Like and Share Options: Users can "like" items and share them with their followers, increasing the item's visibility and potential for sales.
  • Continuous Scrolling: The feed offers a continuous scrolling feature, allowing users to browse through a large number of items quickly and easily.


Loyalty Program

Lash Traders offers a loyalty program that rewards customers with points for purchases, referrals, and other actions, which can be redeemed for discounts on future orders.

  • LT point Rewards: Customers earn points for various actions, such as making purchases, referring friends, and sharing products on social media.
  • Point Redemption: Customers can redeem their accumulated points for discounts on future orders.
  • Tiered System: The loyalty program is divided into tiers based on the amount of points earned, with higher tiers offering greater rewards and benefits.



Order management system on the seller side is designed to provide an efficient and streamlined process for sellers to manage their inventory, fulfill orders, and receive payment for their products, while also providing access to detailed reporting and customer support.

  • Inventory Management: Sellers can manage their inventory of products through their account dashboard, including adding or removing products, updating product descriptions and images, and setting product pricing.
  • Order Tracking: Sellers can track the status of their orders through their account dashboard, providing real-time updates on order fulfillment and delivery.
  • Payment Processing: Lash Traders handles payment processing on behalf of the seller, collecting payment from customers and transferring funds to the seller's account.
  • Commission Reporting: Lash Traders provides detailed commission reports to sellers, outlining their sales and earnings on a regular basis.
  • Customer Service: Lash Traders offers responsive customer support to both customers and sellers, making it easy for sellers to get the help they need with order management and other issues.

App that offers a user-friendly & comprehensive platform for Eyelash Extension Professionals and businesses.

user interface design

The app focuses to provide a platform for customers and to buy & sell high-quality eyelash extension products, including lashes, adhesives, tools, and accessories. We make sure to include all the components this app would require and position them correctly to satisfy the design goals.

user interface

client testimonials


My team approached SMTLABS with this unique Eyelash app development project and received lots of new suggestions to add to the app. I have lots of things to say about this team, but saying something one word, I would say "Creative." Surely, seeing my dream project getting such exposure with the app development, it'd be my pleasure to recommend team SMTLABS as the creative mobile app development agency to the people seeking help in the sector.

Mike and Shauna Jones

(Founder, CEO)

Lash technology

Technology stack

We’ve successfully applied this technologies and presenting this kind of case study.

  • AndroidAndroid
  • iOSiOS
  • LaravelLaravel



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